Sales Tax Automation



Sales Tax AutomationOne of the toughest things for businesses to have is a good sales/use tax compliance procedure or program.   Over the past several years this compliance has become over whelming and is a very complex situation.    The great things that has come out of this is the ability to use the greater tools to help with Sales Tax Automation.    The great thing about Sales Tax Automation is that you can either link up with Accounting Software to a API and transfer the data over to a Sales Tax Software.   The problem with this solution is that many of these software companies charge several thousand dollars to offer this solution.   This is a big problem for many companies that have large amounts of data and must try to balance the cost and the benefit of the service.   The great thing with Prediction Accounting is that we use software that does not charge by the transaction but by the service offered.   This is a value-added service to where you pay for a fraction of the cost to you but have the benefit of sales tax automation.   This will ensure you that the rate is specific to your address and are automated by the software to ensure the correct rate is being used.  Then the data will either be connected by API or be imported through CSV.    If you want to have them imported through CSV we will put a folder on your desktop that will directly connect with us so we can grab the file and import them over.   Then since everything is based off your address we will map the items sold to be taxable or not.    This is based off of our 15 years of sales/use tax experience.   Once everything has been mapped within 48 hours you will have your tax forms and you can either cut a check to the tax authority and mail in the form or we can handle this all for you and be part of the service.   Once again, the great part of this service is that it will be at a fraction of what it would normally cost you.   Yes, we do multiple location and can do multiple state as well.