AR Automation

AR Automated

One of the biggest problems that companies run into is that they can not collect the cash fast enough.   They have looked at many options for their business and many of these are going to charge 3 to 5 % of the cost of the invoice and many other cost associated with trying to collect on invoices.   One of the things that we have done here at Prediction Accounting is that we have cut the AR turns in half and reduced the collection time to basically their terms.    We know we can do this and is very easy process to be able to do this.   We have over 15 years of experience of setting these up in multiple industries.    Let us help you and show you how this can be done.   First of we automate the process of creating the invoices and use technology to ensure that they received the invoice.    We then follow up with a email to ensure that it is in the system and find out when it will be cut.   Then about 2 days before the check is to be cut we contact the customer again and ask if it is to be scheduled and ask for a follow up email with a check #.   Then we watch the money come in.    This is the general process and changes by industry and by need but we can help you automate your collection process.  We can either do it for you or teach your staff how to do this and give them the tools they need to make this happen.


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